Website Maintenance

Succeeding online with a little help from your friends.

Website Maintenance and Website Support

Website maintenance services ranging from
content updates to website audits & emergency maintenance.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Websites are often the first impression you leave with a potential customer. However, it’s common your site to fall behind and fail to be updated for extended periods of time. It’s the online equivalent of not mowing the lawn. First it’s just one weekend, then another, it rains a bit and voilà—you have a jungle on your hands. If you or your business lacks the time or the resources in house to manage updates, create and publish new content, let us help.

If you just need a hand out of a tight situation today, or want a long term partner who can make sure things get done, contact us.

Broken? We Fix It!

Let’s be honest—sometimes thing go wrong online. A mistake by a new staff member during routine update might lead to a broken site. You go to check the backups and find they aren’t running. Perhaps submissions from your contact form are just not getting through. Did the owner just suddenly notice everything looks bizarre in that new version of a popular web browser?  Let us solve that problem and provide a permanent solution.

If you need regular maintenance and support, talk with us about our discounted maintenance packages.

Website Maintenance Services

Content Updates

  • Update page content
  • Create and publish blog posts
  • Provide image sizing and optimization
  • Create and publish Adobe PDFs
  • Manage and schedule content updates

Website Audits

  • SEO: Provide thorough reviews of your site’s search engine optimization
  • Design: Improve your site’s design through incremental changes
  • Content: Inventory your content and recommend improvements to better serve your visitors

Site Restructuring

  • Recommend improvements to site layout, design and structure
  • Update site for better usability or search engine optimization

Loadtime Improvements

  • Recommend and execute changes to make your site load faster on desktop and mobile
  • Optimize files and images
  • Audit hosting and code

Search Engine Optimization

  • Audit site and provide actionable recommendations
  • Update SEO elements of your site for better ranking
  • Develop content strategies for better long tail search placement

Application Testing

  • Test application workflow
  • Analyse use cases
  • Provide usability recommendations
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