Project Management

Managing each project to its successful conclusion.

Experienced Project Managers

Projects can get off track for any number of reasons. Being able to predict and avoid those reasons is key to any project’s success. We can help oversee any or all of the following core steps in your project:

  • Kickoff, Planning, Resource Allocation
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Design and Prototyping
  • Construction and Testing
  • Deployment and Evaluation
  • Maintenance and Iteration

Contact us if you need help managing your next project, or wish to talk about how to get a current one back on track.

Project Management

Project Management Services

Your Project Manager

Need an experienced part-time project manager to lead your project or help you meet your goals? We can provide assistance with a wide variety of online projects, from design to development and more.

We can also manage remote teams of English speakers.

Project Management Tools

The project managers often finds themselves between the proverbial ‘rock’ of business needs and the ‘hard place’ of inspiring resources to work together creatively. Here are a few of the tools we use to manage from this position.

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